Make a Fashion Statement with Your Front Door

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Let’s talk curb appeal. When someone’s looking at your home, what do they see? Your home’s look is composed of several components, including the windows, siding, and door. As a Pembroke window and door company, we’ve said plenty about having replacement windows installed to improve a home’s appearance. Now let’s give some equal time to the question of front doors.

A front door must, first and foremost, be well-built and fully functioning. Your front door protects your family and pets from people who want to gain entry illegally. Your front door also shields your family from the weather. When we’ve installed replacement doors in Pembroke, we’ve heard from our clients how much warmer the home has become – that’s due to the increased energy available from today’s replacement doors.

And of course, there’s the question of performance. You want a replacement door that’s well-built. It should open and close effortlessly and silently. The useful life of an exterior door depends on the conditions it’s exposed to. If your front door has been sheltered by an overhang, such as a porch roof, it can last indefinitely. However, if your front door has been in direct contact with the weather, it could wear out in less than 30 years!

Making a Fashion Statement with Your Front Door

The front door attracts a lot of visual attention. You want it to look good and accurately represent your family’s style. One of the reasons we recommend Therma-Tru Entry Doors is that they come in a wide variety of really attractive styles. You want to choose a door that enhances your home’s overall aesthetic. Therma-Tru has design options that work really well with many of the home styles that are popular in the Pembroke area. If you’ve got a more traditional home, there’s classic styles you love. Want something family-friendly? You’ve got lots of options to choose from.