The Marshfield Home: The Best Replacement Windows for Families with Kids

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“I know this might not be an issue for everyone,” Stacey said, “but we have 3 young boys. We need replacement windows because our house is very drafty, and we want to save money on our home heating bills. But I also need windows that are easy to care for. Our oldest in only 4. There’s a lot of sticky fingerprint action going on in our place, and I don’t have time to be constantly scrubbing everything down.”

Vinyl replacement windows are a favorite of South Shore families for a number of reasons. Here in the Marshfield area, you need a replacement window that can stand up to seaside winds and extreme temperatures – sweltering hot in the summer and freezing cold in the winter. High quality vinyl windows are extremely durable, which means they won’t deteriorate under these brutal conditions.

Vinyl replacement windows are also extremely easy to maintain. Generally we talk about window maintenance in terms of the work you need to do to keep the outside of your home looking great, but in this case, we’ll talk about what’s involved in keeping your replacement windows looking great from the inside.

As a parent, let me tell you – you’re going to love vinyl windows. No matter what your kids have on their hands – peanut butter, finger paint, substances you don’t even want to think about – it generally can be wiped off of the vinyl frame and glass of the window using warm water and a cloth. Sometimes, because kids will be kids, you might need to use a little mild dish soap to help get everything perfectly clean.

And that’s it. There’s no special maintenance involved with vinyl replacement windows. Tilt-in configuration means cleaning windows is easy and safe – you don’t have to try to keep an eye on your kids while you’re balanced on a ladder outside.

Best of all – vinyl replacement windows are by far your most affordable replacement window option. That’s important when you’re trying to raise a family on a budget!