Marshfield: Getting the Board & Batten Look with Vinyl Siding

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“When you live in New England, you want your home to look like you live in New England,” Ken said. “And to me, when I think Massachusetts, when I think those classic Marshfield homes, I think board and batten. Those gorgeous vertical lines; the essential Yankee quality of making do with what you have in a way that results in serendipitous beauty – that’s what I want for my home.”

He smiled and sighed. “I also don’t want to spend a ton of money to make it happen – talk about being a New Englander! Have you priced board and batten recently? I need a more affordable alternative.”

Many people don’t know that you can get high quality vertical vinyl siding that mimics the look of board and batten in Marshfield.  By combining wider and narrower ‘boards’, this vertical vinyl siding offers the appearance of a traditional Marshfield home, for a fraction of the cost. “I really like how deep the channels in the siding are,” Ken said. “They go a full 3/4″ deep, which is what you’d expect to see when looking at the real thing. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking at our home from the road or up close – you’re going to see board and batten.”

“Best of all, there’s practically no maintenance involved,” Ken explained. “The color – we went with white ourselves, but there are so many options – goes right through and doesn’t fade. You’ve never got to paint with this vertical vinyl siding. In the spring, we spend an afternoon using the power washer to spray away any stray bits of mud or whatnot, and that’s it.  Talk about easy!”