New Year, New Porch Windows: Discover the South Shore, MA’s Most Popular Remodel

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Sprucing up the house tops many South Shore’s homeowner’s to-do list for 2017. Popular remodeling options seem to be focused on those jobs that increase a home’s curb appeal, appearance, and comfort. In addition to having new vinyl siding installed and upgrading replacement windows, porch renovations top the list.

That’s not surprising. Porches are among the most pleasant yet underappreciated spaces in any home. It’s the first part of your home a visitor experiences, and can really set the tone for the entire experience of spending time with your family. Increasingly in the South Shore, we’re seeing porches manifest as expressive spaces, full of color, fun, and light hearted accents designed to put a smile on the face.

Porch windows play a dual role in the enjoyment of the South Shore porch. The first role is to keep the porch as warm and comfortable as possible. Porches often have multiple windows, which means any chilly ocean breeze can find multiple routes into the home if the windows are weak or leaky. Cape Cod does have its share of Yankee Thriftiness hardwired into our collective DNA. That’s why you’ll often find porch windows that are very old, that have been recycled from other parts of the home, that just don’t have the robust protective ability of today’s replacement porch windows.

Many South Shore families find that upgrading the porch windows instantly makes the front porch a more comfortable, usable space. Eliminating cold drafts and breezes is awesome; replacement porch windows can also reduce the impact of ambient neighborhood noise. If you’ve had enough of listening to the traffic going by, new porch windows can help.

The other role South Shore porch windows help fulfill is by providing an inviting, charming look to the home. Cape Cod definitely has its own aesthetic, and there are high quality vinyl porch windows that can help make sure your home fits the neighborhood while standing out in a good way.