Is Replacing Your Windows Really a DIY Project?

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During the pandemic, a lot of South Shore homeowners got very serious about fixing up their homes. Some renovation and remodeling projects are great for the homeowner to tackle on their own, but what about replacement windows? If you’re thinking about taking on this project on your own, check out these three reasons why you might want to leave the job to the pros:

Don’t DIY Your Windows Fact #1: The Best Replacement Windows Are Made To Order So They Fit

There is no such thing as a ‘regular size’ window. When you work with a Pembroke replacement window company, they’re going to send a technician to your house to precisely measure each and every window you’re having replaced. The reason they do this is so your replacement windows can be manufactured to fit perfectly and precisely in your home. This level of customization is not available from the home improvement store. The windows found there may be a close fit, but there will be spaces, gaps, and openings you’ll need to seal somehow, if you want your windows to keep the weather outside.

Don’t DIY Your Windows Fact #2: Windows are Very Very Difficult To Transport

If you decide to get your windows at the home improvement store, how are you going to get them to your house? Glass windows are very breakable, which makes for a nerve-wracking drive if you have a vehicle large enough to carry them – which generally means a van, full-size pickup, or, maybe, a sport utility with the seats taken out. Home improvement stores do sometimes offer delivery services, which are generally expensive and slow. So if you’re trying to make the most of your money and get the job done fast, DIY is not the way to go.

Don’t DIY Your Windows Fact #3: Window Installation Requires Lifting Heavy Windows

Windows are heavy. Really good windows are very heavy. As a Pembroke replacement window company, we make sure to send a crew large enough to handle the job without difficulty. If you’re replacing your windows DIY style, who’s going to help you take the heavy old window out of the house, lift the heavy new window into place, and get everything installed properly? Things become even more difficult when you’re replacing windows on the second or third floor!