Don’t Get Tricked When Choosing Replacement Windows

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Halloween is here! Trick or treat is part of the holiday’s fun, but when it comes to choosing replacement windows for your Pembroke home, you definitely don’t want to get tricked! Here’s what you want to watch out for when you’re picking out your replacement windows:

Prices That Are Too Good To Be True: Good replacement windows cost money. This expense can be recouped over a number of years by the decrease you’ll see in your home heating costs, but it’s still an expense. If you come across a promotion offering free replacement windows or find very low prices for replacement windows, be extremely careful. There are many cheaply-made, poor-quality replacement windows out there at bargain basement prices. THe reason they’re so affordable is that they don’t actually work at keeping the cold air out and the warm air in.

Windows That Are The Wrong Size: Every home is unique. This is especially true for some of the older homes in the Pembroke area. Replacement windows work best when they precisely fit the window openings in your home. There is actually no such thing as a ‘standard size’ window. Some window sizes are extremely common, but variations in the sill and original construction mean your installation team may have to use shims or even build up the sill in order to make these ‘standard size’ windows fit. This increases the chances of cold air penetration as well as letting moisture into your home. Moisture is bad news: not only does it attack the structural integrity of your home, but it contributes to mold and mildew growth. Good replacement windows are custom sized to precisely fit into your home, offering you the very best in energy efficiency and home protection.

Fly By Night Replacement Window Company: It takes more than a pick up truck and a website to run a reputable replacement window company. Don’t be fooled by high pressure door to door salesman. The best replacement window companies have a strong reputation of serving their customers well – don’t accept anything less than the best for your home.