Can Vinyl Siding Really Look Like Wood?

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“There are so many beautiful homes here in Pembroke,” Sarah said. “We bought a fixer upper that needs some TLC, but we feel like we’re capable of bringing this old home into keeping with the rest of the neighborhood on the budget we have, if we’re smart about it. Right now we’re concerned about the exterior. I don’t have the budget for clapboard, but I love that wood look, and it would be a perfect fit aesthetically. Is there something we can do with vinyl siding?”

Lots of vinyl siding companies promise the look of wooden clapboard siding, but the truth is you really have to be selective if you want a high-end, high-quality look for your Pembroke home. We steer our clientele toward sidings by CertainTeed and Mastic when they’re seeking the true clapboard look: these are durable vinyl sidings that stand the test of time without fading, require far less maintenance than actual wooden clapboard, and are priced attractively for most renovation projects.

One of the things we’ve learned over our many years in business is that homeowners want a woodgrain vinyl siding that looks like wood both up close and from a distance. It’s important to have the right visual impact, whether someone’s checking your house while they’re driving by or if they’re standing on your porch, enjoying a summertime bbq. The suite of woodgrain vinyl siding we recommend for installation in the Pembroke area perform even better than expected, consistently delivering the look of wood to viewers both near and far.