Picture Windows for South Shore Homes

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Picture windows offer open, unobstructed views of the South Shore, making them the favorite of many local homeowners. We see lots of newer homes being built with highly energy efficient picture windows installed, but what happens if you’ve got an older home?

Let’s be frank: picture windows are gorgeous, but the older ones leak a lot of heat. Replacement picture windows are available, but they can be cost-prohibitive. If you’re not in a position to replace your current picture window but you want to eliminate the chilly drafts and keep it warm and comfortable indoors, you’ll want to know about picture storm windows.

You may already be familiar with storm windows, which are installed over existing windows to provide an extra layer of protection to the home. There are many types of storm windows now, including low-maintenance models which stay in place permanently and eliminate the need for cumbersome removal every time the season changes.

Here in the South Shore, picture storm windows are generally installed on a permanent basis. Our skilled, experienced crew does all the work for you, so you don’t have to worry about handling a large, heavy piece of glass. Your gorgeous view is preserved without any obstruction or changes to the look of your home. As an added bonus, many homeowners report that having picture storm windows installed on their home significantly cuts down on how much neighborhood noise they hear. Other benefits include a reduction in the amount of energy it takes to heat your home – during a South Shore winter, that can mean a significant savings on your fuel bill!

If you’ve been thinking you’d like to do something about your home’s picture window but weren’t sure what to do, come talk to us. Replacement isn’t your only option! Having a picture storm window installed on your South Shore home may be exactly what you need!