Planning a Home Addition? The Art of Choosing Windows

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Many of the homes in the South Shore area were relatively small when they were first built. As family sizes and lifestyles changed, there’s a need for more space. This often means home additions. First floor additions are built onto a home’s ground floor; where space limitations preclude this option or more room is needed, second or third story options are a popular option.

When choosing windows for your addition, the first step is to consider the existing windows in your home. Are you pleased with their performance? Do you like their appearance? If you’re committed to keeping your existing windows for the foreseeable future, you’ll want to choose windows for your addition in a matching style, or a style that compliments their design.

Consider both the interior and exterior of your home. Wood clad vinyl windows offer an upscale interior appearance while providing the same low-maintenance routine that makes vinyl replacement windows so attractive. If your existing home doesn’t have wood trimmed windows inside, going with vinyl windows throughout the home makes visual sense. To see the full range of window possibilities, visit North Star Windows and Doors: we can show you windows that will work well with the windows you currently have in place.

If you don’t like the windows you have in place, and know that having replacement windows installed in your South Shore home is in your future plans, choosing windows for your addition becomes much easier. Let your heart be your guide, and choose the windows you feel are most appropriate to the current and future aesthetic of your home. The options are truly limitless: window manufacturers have fully customizable options if you’d like to design your own one of a kind windows for true self-expressive curb appeal. Don’t be afraid to dream big: amazing windows are more affordable than you might think.