Making Life Easier for Aging Parents: Having Replacement Windows Installed in Plymouth County

Over 1,000 homes served in over 40 years of business

“My Dad is great. When I was little, I thought he was invincible.” Harry laughed. “He could do everything, and I mean, everything. But now Dad is getting a little older, and it’s hard for him to get around. He still thinks he’s invincible, but when I think of him getting on the ladder to scrape and paint the windows – well, I worry. And I know my Mom worries too.”

Some seniors would be content to let the windows go unpainted, or to hire a painter to come do the job for them. “Not my Dad,” Harry said. “He takes a lot of pride in how the house looks. But he’s also tight with his money. That’s how I got him to agree to having replacement windows installed.”

“It all comes down to energy efficiency,” Harry explained. “Dad showed me his heating bill, and I had to tell him, it was kind of nuts. My parents are comfortable, but that doesn’t mean they have money to waste! I told Dad if we have the Plymouth replacement window company come put new windows in, he’d save a fortune on his home heating costs.”

“Of course he didn’t believe me, because I’m just his kid,” Harry laughed. “But he talked to some of his friends at the senior center, and they all told him the same thing. So he agreed, and we had the replacement windows put in.”

“But here’s the kicker,” Harry said. “This time of year is usually when Dad winds up getting the ladders out, and his scrapers, and his paint brushes – the whole nine yards, you know? And this 83 year old man goes up ten, twelve feet in the air on a ladder to scrape loose paint – it’s a nightmare waiting to happen. This year though? He didn’t have to do it. The vinyl replacement windows you clean with your hose, standing with your feet safely on the ground. I know Mom thought it was a much better situation, and though he won’t admit it, I think Dad does too.”