Plymouth Homeowner: Do Replacement Windows Really Help?

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There are two things that are important to every homeowner: keeping the family comfortable and saving money. Old, leaky windows are an obvious issue: you can feel the cold drafts blowing through the house and no one is comfortable – in fact, this type of cold exposure can be tough on older family members and little kids who have a hard time staying healthy. But what happens if your windows aren’t obviously leaking? Will having replacement windows installed in Plymouth really help?

The first step in answering this question requires looking at the windows you have in place now. If the previous owners didn’t disclose how old the windows are when you purchased your home, you may need to do some detective work. Window frames that are made of aluminum can indicate an older replacement window. These replacement windows were extremely popular in the Sixties and Seventies, which means they can be forty or fifty years old. Vinyl windows and wood clad vinyl windows are a newer technology: many people prefer them because they look nicer and do a better job preventing cold air and moisture getting into the home.

Another factor you’ll want to look at if you’re thinking about getting replacement windows in Plymouth is how many panes of glass are in your old windows. Single pane windows offer minimal protection against the elements; double and triple pane windows often have pockets of insulating gas that buffer sound and help your home retain heat.

Be aware that if your home was built for you, your contractor may have used what are known as original construction windows. These windows are generally mass produced for rapid installation and, when poorly fitted, can cause a host of problems for the homeowner. If your windows don’t open or shut properly, get covered with condensation often, or let cold air in, you’ll want to consider replacement windows.