Porch Storm Windows: Yay or Nay?

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There are two types of people in this world: people who love their porches and people who don’t. If you’re in the second group, the reason may be because your porch gets too cold to be comfortable during the chillier part of the year.

A lot of porches in the Metrowest area were originally built for seasonal use, but today’s more active lifestyle, with an emphasis on outdoor living, means a lot of families want to use their porches year round.

In this neck of the woods, that means porch storm windows. Now, before you say YAY and get on the phone to your local replacement window company, or before you say NAY and decide to live with an uncomfortable porch forever, there are a few things you should know:

Porch Storm Windows: Invisible to the Casual Viewer

There are two types of porch storm windows: exterior and interior. Either type of storm window is designed to be practically invisible to the casual viewer. Seamless, unobtrusive design means your home’s aesthetic remains unchanged while your family’s comfort level goes up, up, up.

The Surprising Benefits of Porch Storm Windows

South Shore homeowners often choose porch storm windows to make their porches more comfortable. There are other benefits you should know about as well.

Porch storm windows can make your porch quieter. Storm windows can buffer neighborhood noise, which means traffic won’t seem as loud. If you’ve ever wanted to relax on your porch with your book while everyone else wants to mow their grass, you’ll appreciate this!

Porch storm windows can also improve your home’s energy efficiency. There’s a limit to how much improvement you’ll see, as many porches aren’t as insulated as they could be, but even so, porch storm windows eliminate the drafts and leaks that drive home heating costs up.