For a Four Season Porch, Choose The Right Windows

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“I bought this house because of the porch,” Tori said. “There are plenty of gorgeous houses in the South Shore area, to be sure, but this one has a big porch with all these windows. In the morning the light is beautiful. It’s one of my favorite rooms in the house.”

Tori, who originally hailed from Kentucky, was looking forward to watching her first winter from her new porch. There was just one problem with this plan. “Holy coldness Batman!” she said. “I’d have the heat on full blast, and it was still cold on the porch. We’re talking ice on the inside of the windows cold.”

After a long cold winter, Tori decided to have her front porch remodeled to be usable in all four seasons. One big consideration was choosing the right replacement windows. “Those original windows did absolutely nothing to keep the cold out – and my heating bill was insane.”

Vinyl replacement porch windows turned out to be the ideal option to address Tori’s concerns. “From a style perspective, they were absolutely perfect,” she said. “They looked like they fit the house. But even more important? The way these windows work.” While we haven’t quite yet hit the freezing temperatures we experienced last year, there have been some chilly nights and “The difference is very noticeable,” Tori said. “Just to have all of those drafts eliminated has made the porch so much more comfortable. It’s quieter, too.”

Vinyl replacement porch windows are available in a variety of sizes and styles. “Porches are special places in our home,” Tori said. “If changing your windows means you can enjoy yours all year round, why wouldn’t you?”