Porches Make Life Better

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Here in the South Shore, we’re a pretty laid back bunch. But lately people have been pretty stressed out. There’s reasons, of course – just turn on the news for five minutes and there will be something to make your blood pressure go up – but we’re not going to dwell on that. Instead, we’d like to take this moment to remind everyone that porch season is coming.

When you can spot the first daffodils and hyacinths poking up through the soil through your porch windows, it’s time to get ready for porch season. Clear away all the stuff that somehow accumulates on the porch that you won’t need through the warm weather months and give it a good sweeping. Washing the windows to let the sunshine in is an instant mood lifter. So is calling over your best friend to share coffee, conversation and snacks.

Porches are great for casual entertaining. When you open your porch door and let your friends inside, you’re giving them access to one of the friendliest spaces in your home. Don’t be afraid to use color in your decor: combining bright cushions and throws with your porch furniture creates a cheerful feel that makes everyone smile. Pots of tulips and paperwhites make for great porch decor as well.

And don’t forget, you can enjoy your porch all by yourself. When the kids are being crazy and you need some peace and quiet, retreating to the porch with a book can be a mini-vacation. Stepping out on the porch at night to watch the stars through your porch windows is very calming and enjoyable. Yes, porches make life better in many ways.