Replacement Dormer Windows: The Do’s and Don’ts for South Shore Homeowners

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Many homes in the South Shore area have dormer windows. Dormer windows are windows that project vertically from a sloping roof; they may be a feature of the home’s original design or an upgrade added later to add space and natural sunlight into the upstairs. Dormer windows have been a popular design for a very long time. Their name is derived from the French word dormeor which means ‘sleeping room’, and even today, most dormer windows are in bedrooms or guest rooms.

Hip dormers and shed dormers are two of the most popular types of dormers in the South Shore. When choosing a replacement dormer window, North Star Windows and Doors gives you options: you can choose an exact match of the style window that was in place – double-hung dormer windows are most common – or you can choose a different design to freshen your home’s look.

Because of the South Shore’s unique climate, windows take a lot of wear and tear. There are four distinct seasons of weather locally, each presenting its own challenges. Summer’s sweltering heat and strong sun are followed by fall’s chilly winds and heavy rains. Winter brings extreme cold temperatures as well as blowing snow and ice. Spring is extremely volatile – a balmy day can be followed by a day of wet, heavy snow!

Your windows’ job is to protect your family and your possessions from all of this weather. The best replacement windows for dormers feature easy to clean vinyl frames, multiple layers of glass, and superior construction that keeps cold breezes and moisture out. Remember that many dormer windows are in bedrooms: you don’t want to sleep in a room full of chilly drafts – and you certainly don’t want your children, parents, or guests uncomfortable at night either!

There’s still time to have your dormer windows replaced before winter arrives in the South Shore. Enjoy warm, comfortable sleeping quarters this winter. Call North Star Windows and Doors today!