Before the Snow Flies: Replacement Porch Windows for South Shore Homes

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We’re not trying to be alarmists here, but we’ve seen more than a few local trees starting to change color. Winter is definitely on its way. Before the cold winds start to blow, it’s time to assess the conditions of your home’s windows. Leaky windows and doors can contribute to up to 40% of your home’s heating being lost to the outdoors. If your home windows are in good shape, take the time and inspect your porch windows. In the South Shore area, porch windows get a lot of abuse from the elements. It may be time for porch window replacement.

Here’s what you want to look for when you’re inspecting your porch windows:

Cracks, breaks, or other compromises in the glass: this type of damage lets moisture and cold wind onto your porch. It’s also a safety hazard – a stumbling child, friend, or other visitor could knock into the already damaged glass, causing it to shatter. Serious injury could result. For everyone’s protection, any porch windows with cracked or broken windows need to be replaced before winter arrives in earnest.

Seal integrity: the seal surrounds the window glass and keeps it in place in the frame. This should be a solid continuous seal, without any gaps or breaks. Gaps or breaks allow moisture and cold air to penetrate, making your porch colder and damper than it needs to be. This moisture can cause structural damage to your porch, especially if your porch is built out of traditional lumber. Small gaps can be repaired with caulk for a short-term fix; more significant gaps indicate replacement is required.

The Sound Test: Good porch windows will buffer neighborhood noise, including local traffic. Stand on your porch. How much can you hear going on around you? If it’s relatively noisy, it’s a sign you may want to think about having replacement porch windows installed on your South Shore home.