Replacement Porch Windows: How to Know It’s Time to Upgrade

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“What’s the expected useful life of a window?” Ron asked. “I mean, if I can still see through it, it’s obviously working, right?”

His wife Leah disagrees. “Our porch windows let every single draft through. On a windy day it gets so cold I can’t bear to sit out there,” she said. “What’s the point of having a porch if you can’t enjoy it whenever you want to?”

If you own a home in the South Shore area, especially an older home, there’s a good chance a certain amount of Yankee frugality went into the construction process. Here in New England, builders really tried to get the most from their materials. This means that porch windows were often either recycled from other projects or just weren’t the same quality as the windows in the main portion of the house. Back in the day, this wasn’t such a big deal, but now that outdoor living has become such a mainstream trend, it’s important that porches are comfortable spaces throughout the year.

Replacement Porch Windows: Boost Curb Appeal & Comfort

There are several benefits to having your porch windows replaced. Replacement porch windows are highly energy efficient, which means you’ll have less drafts and chilly breezes on your porch. This is especially nice on those chilly autumn mornings when the kids are waiting for the school bus, or when the spring sunshine makes it look a lot warmer outside than it actually is.

Replacement porch windows also do a great job of buffering out neighborhood noise. Some communities in the South Shore area get quite a bit of traffic, and you may also hear noises from nearby homes or businesses. Reclaim your peace and quiet by having replacement porch windows installed.

The third benefit replacement porch windows offer is a boost to your home’s curb appeal. Just like a new pair of glasses can change your whole look, having replacement porch windows installed can freshen your home’s appearance and make it look even nicer than it already does.