Replacement Windows: A Look at Maintenance & Cost Savings

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“The windows in our Marshfield home may not be original, but they’re definitely old,” Ted said. “They’ve got wooden frames that need to be scraped and painted every couple of years. It’s a huge job that takes a lot of my time, and frankly, a lot of money. I don’t know if you’ve priced paint recently, but they’re not giving that stuff away. When we started talking about switching over to vinyl siding to reduce the amount of upkeep I need to do, it made me think about what’s involved with keeping the windows looking good.”

Vinyl replacement windows are absolutely the gold standard when it comes to low-maintenance. They never need to be painted. The color is more than surface-deep. That means minor scratches and scrapes – the type of thing that happens when extreme weather, animals like birds and squirrels, or even flying branches and leaves comes into contact with your window frames – just don’t show.

Of course, there is some care involved. Spiderwebs and grime can accumulate on exterior window sills; dry dusty weather leaves everything looking a little worse for wear. In those instances, a quick spray from the hose will restore your vinyl replacement windows to looking like new. “Timewise, it’s absolutely no comparison,” Ted said. “I could spend an entire weekend just painting the windows on one side of the house! Now I can take care of the entire property in under an hour.”

“I’m not going to miss buying the paint,” he added. “Even better, I understand that having replacement windows installed can save us money on our home heating bill.” Because Ted is replacing single pane windows with replacement windows that feature insulated triple panes of glass, the boost to energy efficiency and cost savings should be great. If you’d like to figure out how much you’d save by having replacement windows installed, gather up your home heating bills for last winter and give us a call: we’ll go over real numbers with you to help you make your decision!