Let the Light Shine In: Replacement Windows for the Braintree Home

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“My husband and I get along most of the time,” Gwen said, “but we do have one point of contention. It happens every winter. He likes to keep the curtains closed, in order to stop chilly drafts. I need them open, because I need every bit of natural daylight I can get: it’s vital in helping me stave off the worst effects of seasonal affective disorder.”

After years of arguing, the couple came to a realization. If they could eliminate the source of the chilly drafts in their Braintree home, they could keep the curtains open and stop arguing. “Our real issue was our windows,” Gwen said. “You could stand right next to them and feel the cold air coming through – particularly when the wind blows!”

Older windows are prone to leaks and vulnerabilities that let cold air and moisture into your home. Remember that anywhere cold air and moisture can get in, the heat you pay top dollar for can get out. Energy industry experts have found that leaky windows and doors can result in the loss of up to 40% of a home’s warmed air.

“We started searching for a company that would install replacement windows in Braintree,” Gwen said. “It was important to us to choose a local contractor, because we believe in the importance of small business. We also wanted to be able to connect with someone if there was ever any problems after installation. With these franchise companies, you don’t even know if they’ll be in business tomorrow!”

After having replacement windows installed in their home, Gwen and her husband found they could indeed enjoy having the curtains open without chilly drafts. “That was awesome,” Gwen said. “The fact that our heating bills came down as a result just made everything even better.”