Replacement Windows After A Home Addition

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“I was very excited to have our new kitchen addition built,” Donna said. “It’s such a beautiful space, so open and airy. I love being in there. But what I don’t love is how the addition looks from the outside. Even though we tried carefully to integrate it into the existing look of the home, it still stands out as new and different from the outside. The siding’s the same, the roof’s the same. What’s really standing out is the difference in the windows.”

Replacement Windows After a Home Addition

Donna’s concern is actually exceptionally common. It’s hard to understand how much the appearance of a home’s windows can influence the total aesthetic and curb appeal, but they really, really do. In a situation where you have new, attractive windows in a home addition and the rest of the house has the same windows it’s had for 10, 20, or even 30 years, the difference becomes obvious.

And to be pragmatic for a moment, old windows simply do not function as well as modern replacement windows do. You may have grown acclimated to what it costs to heat and cool your home over the years, but the presence of the new addition is going to make those numbers go up. One way to help keep energy costs under control is to have replacement windows installed in your Duxbury home.

Choosing Replacement Windows to Match the Addition

“Realistically, the windows in the kitchen addition are very large,” Donna said. “The rest of the windows in the house aren’t that large, and I’m not interested in having massive renovations done. Is it possible to find replacement windows that match the addition, even if they’re not exactly the same?”

The answer to this question is YES. Your replacement window contractor can work with you to select windows that complement and enhance the look of your home, even without them being an exact match in every way. Choosing the window design, type of glass, frame color, and other details can create a unified look that beautifies and freshens up the home’s appearance.