Replacement Windows for Older Homes: Are They Worth The Investment?

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“People have been telling me for years that I should replace the windows in this place.” Janet has owned her South Shore area home since 1984. “It’s just I’ve been too busy. But now that I’m living on my retirement income, I’ve become really aware of how much it costs to keep my home warm. What kind of changes can I make to keep my heating bill down?”

Energy efficiency experts identify many opportunities for homeowners to lower their home heating bills. The roof and attic often get a lot of attention, as tremendous amounts of heat can be lost through an underinsulated attic. This is because heat rises. That being said, replacing the roof and putting in new insulation is a major undertaking.

Much more affordable and obtainable, for many homeowners, is the idea of having replacement windows installed. Leaky windows and doors are responsible for significant heat loss. While the exact amount of heat that can be lost varies, when you’re in a situation like Janet is, with windows that are at least 30 years old, the industry estimates of 40% are generally near the mark.

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“One of the reasons I’ve held off on having replacement windows installed in my South Shore home is because it’s an older home,” Janet explained. “These windows aren’t exactly standard. I’ve gone to the home improvement stores and looked at the options there. Nothing will fit!”

The advantage of having replacement windows installed is that the best replacement windows are precision manufactured to fit your home exactly. That’s why a technician comes to your house and thoroughly measures everything before your new windows are ordered. The precise fit is part of the reason why your new windows are so much more energy efficient than the old ones. Other reasons new replacement windows keep your home warmer: multiple panes of high-tech glass, insulated gasses to buffer the cold, and the elimination of cracks, gaps and holes around the window sills.