Replacement Windows for Older MA Homes

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“This may not be a historic home, but all of our family’s history has happened here,” Toni said. “We started out as newlyweds, and now we’re raising grandchildren here.” She laughed. “After a while, we all need to get some work done. I’m not saying I’m talking to any plastic surgeons or anything, but it is definitely time for some replacement windows around here.”

“Nothing lasts forever. We had to put a new roof on our house 12 years ago now. The vinyl siding we upgraded 8 years ago. When you have a house, it’s this continual process of enhancing and upgrading what you have.” When Toni’s daughter moved back home with her two children, Toni had an addition put on. “It’s important for everyone to have their own space.”

The drive to have replacement windows installed began in a discussion with Toni’s grandson. “When he asked me if we had the oldest house in the South Shore, I laughed and said far from it,” Toni explained. “But then my little guy said, “Well, you sure can’t tell that from looking at it.” The home had aluminum replacement windows that had been installed in the 1960’s. “They were about as old as I am,” Toni laughed. “Most of the house was comfortable, but the living room and bedrooms can get a little drafty. And they were a pain in the butt to clean.”

Toni chose wood clad vinyl replacement windows. “They look great, inside and out. I love how the warm wood frame makes the interior of our home seem classy and cozy. Outside, the vinyl is fantastic. It’s a much more modern look than the aluminum windows were. And when it’s time to clean the windows, all I have to do is spray them with the hose. It’s super – and they also tilt in for more serious cleaning as needed!”