Replacement Windows for South Shore Homes: Charm & Style + Warmth & Quiet

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“My husband and I have a holiday tradition,” Katherine laughed. “Every year, we get something for the house as our gift to each other. We’ve been steadily remodeling our Duxbury home since we got it in 2015, and this year, I’m especially excited, because we’re getting replacement windows.”

“We should have done it before now,” Daniel said. Katherine’s husband is an accountant with a passion for crunching numbers. “When you’re looking at ways to save money, and you realize all the heat you’re paying for just leaks out the windows, upgrading with replacement windows is a no-brainer. Especially when somebody likes to keep the thermostat cranked all the way up to 95.”

“It’s not quite that warm in here, but I do like it toasty,” Katherine agreed. “I’m not going to miss all the chilly drafts that happen when the wind blows – and when is the wind not blowing in the South Shore? But the main thing I enjoy is how attractive replacement windows are. We’re actually replacing replacement windows. The windows that are in our house now are from I think the early 80’s – they’re aluminum and really ugly. We’ve picked out some wood clad vinyl windows that are white on the exterior and this really lovely honey blonde pine finish inside. They’re going to take the interior of our home up just a notch and make it look a little nicer.”

“Improving the home’s value is always good,” Daniel said. “When you talk about curb appeal – well, there’s no doubt that the new windows look nicer, and that will boost the home’s aesthetic. We’re not planning on selling anytime soon, but when we do, we’ll be glad we made this investment.”

“And the new replacement windows make it quieter inside. When we first moved to the South Shore, there was traffic, to be sure, but no where near the amount of cars and trucks that go by now. Having that sound muffled out by the new windows is an extra bonus I really appreciate.”