Tired of Chilly Mornings? Upgrade the Windows & Stop the Drafts

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“They say April is the cruelest month, but February is pretty uncomfortable,” Kate said. The Hingham homeowner has found her morning routine increasingly unpleasant due to the number of drafts in her home. “Today, I got out of bed and it was like an ice box in my room. So I went into the kitchen to start the coffee, and it was chilly in there. Go in the bathroom, it’s cold in there. Enough is enough.”

Energy efficiency experts estimate that a home can lose as much as 40% of its heated air out through leaky doors and windows. And where the heated air can get out, the cold air can get in – creating the unpleasant chilly drafts Kate is trying to escape.

The reason replacement windows are so effective at stopping chilly drafts is that they’re manufactured to precisely fit into your home without any gaps, cracks, or open areas. It’s truly a perfect fit, achieved by having a skilled technician perform the original measurements, world class window manufacturing technology, and expert installation.

On top of that, today’s replacement windows are often of much superior construction than the windows you may currently have in your home. Window manufacturing has evolved steadily over the past thirty years, integrating multiple panes of glass, really efficient insulating technologies, and stronger, more robust frames. There’s an almost limitless number of options in terms of style, glass finish, and interior and exterior frames when you’re looking for replacement windows in Hingham.

“The fact that the house is warmer with the new windows is absolutely the main benefit,” Kate said. “But I have to say I really like how the new windows are prettier. The house looks friendlier, I think, and more cheerful. That was a nice extra benefit.”

It’s not too soon to start scheduling replacement window installation for your Hingham home. Call now for a quick and easy quote.