Replacement Windows & Home Improvements on Smartest Things To Do With $1,000 List

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Many times, South Shore homeowners imagine that fixing up their homes requires a huge budget. That’s not necessarily the case. Selena Maranjian, of The Motley Fool, wrote a financial column for USA Today featuring 15 of the smartest things you can do with $1,000. Of course investment and banking advice topped the list, but we were very gratified to see home improvements and replacement window installation featured.

Your home is your biggest investment. Keeping a home looking great and functioning flawlessly is an ongoing process. When you have a limited budget, Maranjian recommends investing in small-scale upgrades, including adding backsplash tiles to the kitchen, getting new appliances or porch furniture, painting several rooms and having replacement windows installed.

There’s no doubt that a fresh coat of paint can work magic on how much you enjoy your home. We all love new appliances, and autumn in the South Shore is the perfect time for new porch furniture. Who doesn’t love backsplash tiles? But of course, our heart belongs to replacement windows. Let’s talk about why having replacement windows installed may be the wisest home improvement job you can do for under $1,000.

Replacement windows reduce the amount of energy needed to heat and cool your home. That’s a big deal in the South Shore, where the winters are both long and cold. Energy experts have found that up to 40% of a home’s heat can be lost through leaky windows. If you replace leaky windows, that’s 40% less heat your furnace or boiler needs to produce, because all of that warm air is still in your home. What would your home heating bill look like if you didn’t have to pay for 40% more heat than you’re actually using?

Replacement windows also have a lasting positive impact on a home’s curb appeal. Porch furniture, appliances, tiles, and paint are all items a prospective buyer expects to change, but they don’t want to have to mess with getting new windows put in!