Replacement Windows in Boston’s Most Exclusive Neighborhoods

Over 1,000 homes served in over 40 years of business

“When I was a little girl, we toured Beacon Hill as part of a school trip to Boston. I fell in love with the neighborhood instantly: the brick sidewalks, the charm of the houses. I knew I wanted to live there,” Emily said. She laughed. “When I got a little older and understood things like the real estate market, I thought, ‘well, that’s never going to happen!'”

Through a lucky set of circumstances and some very hard work, Emily was able to purchase a Beacon Hill home. That’s when she discovered some details that she’d never noticed as a child. “Can you say drafty and cold?” she laughed. “The front rooms especially were chilly. There was an incredible draft. I knew having replacement windows installed was the obvious answer, but you can’t just put any old windows into a historic home like this. There’s a look and level of quality that’s appropriate for a property like this, and you can’t find that just anywhere.”

After some searching, Emily found a Boston replacement window company with experience installing wood clad replacement windows in high-end homes. “Each Majesty window is created to fit specifically into your home,” Emily explained. “The installation crew measured each and every window, taking their time to ensure that there were no hidden problems under the windowsill or behind the siding that would cause me headaches later. They were very professional and extremely courteous, and I appreciated how they cleaned up after themselves. The windows are extremely beautiful: even though the view hasn’t changed, it looks so much better when viewed through my new wood-clad replacement windows.”