Inflation, War Causing Home Heating Costs to Rise: Plan on Paying More to Heat Your Home in 2022

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There are a number of factors that determine the cost of home heating fuel. War – no matter where it happens – tends to make fuel prices rise. This is because conflicts impact the demand for fuel, the supply of fuel, and the decisions of the nation states that command the majority of the world’s fuel supply.

You’ll notice that all of these factors are completely out of your control. As an individual, you’re powerless to change the cost of home heating fuel. What is within your control is the amount of fuel you use. You can save money by using less fuel – but who wants to live in a freezing cold house?

Check Your Heat Loss: Window & Door Leaks Are a Major Problem

One of the first steps during a home energy audit – a check to see how energy efficient your home is; this is a service your local utility company may provide, or you can do it yourself – is to check the home’s windows and doors. This is because up to 40% of a home’s energy loss occurs through and around windows and doors. The older the windows, the greater the air loss may be. This is because leaks occur through microscopic breaks, cracks, and gaps in the window seals. Even a window that doesn’t have any visible damage can be very inefficient.

Doors such as sliding glass doors, french doors, and even some entryway doors can also contribute significantly to a home’s heat loss. If you’re interested in losing less heat – which means you can run your furnace less often, using less fuel and saving more money – then having replacement windows and doors installed may be the right move for your family.

In Massachusetts, replacement windows generally pay for themselves in relatively short order. This is due to the cold winters we have. When you’re running the heat from October through April, efficiency is important.