As Interest in Home Improvement Surges, A Look at Replacement Windows in Massachusetts

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Home Depot and Lowe’s are enjoying a great summer sales season. Homeowners across Massachusetts are very invested in home improvement. Top DIY projects include kitchen upgrades, including appliance replacement, as well as bathroom renovations. Generally, kitchens and bathrooms have windows. If you want to upgrade or enlarge the windows in these rooms as part of your renovation, your best bet is to skip the hardware store and find a professional replacement window company in Massachusetts.


Many DIYers are shocked to discover that there’s no such thing as a ‘regular sized window’. Replacing a window with a window of the same size still requires precise measurement. Replacement windows are manufactured to fit precisely into the existing openings in your home, without any spaces or gaps where wind, water, and cold can penetrate. The windows available from home improvement stores sort of fit, but there are often problematic gaps homeowners need to address with shims to fit properly. Replacement windows cost slightly more, but fit is much better and the overall quality of the product is exponentially better. You will get much better sound buffering and protection from the elements by choosing high quality replacement windows.

The other reason to choose replacement windows rather than home improvement store windows is the installation process. If the underlying sill board on your existing windows has been damaged over the years by water or weather exposure, what seems like a simple DIY job can quickly escalate beyond the skill set of the typical homeowner. Windows are often quite heavy, particularly larger window units, and can be very difficult to install on the second or third story of the home. By choosing a professional replacement window company, you can have all the installation handled by experienced professionals and never have to worry about hurting your back or falling off of a ladder.