When’s The Best Time To Have Replacement Windows Installed in the South Shore?

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“Every season seems like it’s home improvement season,” Pete said. “Since we bought our house in Hanson, we’ve been working on it pretty much constantly. That’s how I’ve learned the value of timing. Obviously, you don’t want to be doing roof repair in January, and I don’t want to be stuck inside painting when it’s gorgeous outside. But what’s the best time to have replacement windows installed in the South Shore?

Having replacement windows installed is a multi-stage process. Your South Shore replacement window company will come to your home and take precise measurements of all of the windows that are going to be replaced. Those measurements are sent to the window manufacturer, where each window is custom built to fit precisely. This precision fit is important, because that’s how the cold air and moisture are kept out of your living spaces. This process takes between 4 to 8 weeks, depending on the type and number of windows you have installed and the replacement window manufacturer you’re working with.

Once the replacement windows have been completed and delivered, the South Shore replacement window company will do the installation. The typical installation process takes about 30 minutes per window. Larger and second and third story windows can take a little longer. If removing an old window reveals unexpected problems, such as a rotten sill board that needs to be replaced, additional time will be required.

Knowing this, planning your replacement window installation becomes easier. If you’re thinking about replacement windows right now, your windows will be available for installation in late July or August. This is really an ideal time for replacement window installation in the South Shore area. When winter winds start blowing and the temperatures drop, you may not be as enthusiastic about having the windows replaced. Have the new windows put in now, and when winter does arrive, all you have to do is be happy and comfortable!