3 Signs It’s Time to Have Replacement Windows Installed in Your Rockland MA Home

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“I know I’ve got to upgrade the windows in my place eventually,” Steven said. “But there’s a number of things I have to do in terms of home repair. How do I know for sure that this is the right time to have replacement windows installed?”

It can be tricky to decide when to have replacement windows installed. Windows don’t generally fail all at once. Instead, the performance slowly begins to decline over time – sometimes so gradually that you forget that your home wasn’t always drafty, or that you couldn’t always hear your neighbors’ kids playing outside. To decide if it’s really time to upgrade your windows, ask yourself the following 3 questions:

Are your current windows working well?

Performance really is everything. Do your current windows open and close properly? Do they stay open when you open them, or do you worry about the sill slamming shut? Do your windows keep cold drafts outside? When the wind blows, do your windows rattle and shake? Can you see through your windows all of the time, or are there times when the glass gets fogged up? If your windows aren’t performing the way you’d like them to, it’s time to consider replacement.

Are your current windows attractive?

Your Rockland, MA home may have the windows it was built with, or it may have had replacement windows put in at some point. Are these windows aesthetically pleasing? There are generations of replacement windows, particularly the older aluminum replacement windows, that just haven’t held up well over the years. If you’re not proud of the way your home looks, upgrading the current windows with more attractive replacement windows might change that.

Are you spending a ton of money heating and cooling your home?

Keeping the home comfortable shouldn’t cost a fortune. If you’ve got very high home heating and cooling costs, it’s a good idea to have an energy audit done. You’ll discover where you’re losing your heat. Many times, leaky doors and windows are the culprit. Energy experts estimate up to 40% of a home’s energy can be lost through windows and doors that are in poor repair. That means that upgrading your windows can save you money.

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