Refresh Your Home’s Appearance & Save Money with Replacement Windows

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“We moved to Braintree because it is such an attractive neighborhood,” Marcia said. “But now I feel like our home just doesn’t have the charm I’d like it to. I want to freshen it up without spending a ton of money. What are my options?”

There are several routes to upgrading your home’s exterior. High quality vinyl siding is available in both vertical and horizontal orientations, in a variety of colors. It’s a quick and affordable way to dramatically alter the appearance of your home.

Another avenue worth exploring is having replacement windows installed. If the home’s siding can be considered its clothing, then it’s the windows and doors that are the accessories – designed to be both eye-catching and functional. When people look at your home, they notice the windows and doors in a way the homeowner, who is used to seeing these windows on a daily basis, sometimes do not. Try viewing your home as if you’d never seen it before -the way a visitor or potential home buyer might. Pay attention to the windows and doors. Do they seem to ‘fit’ the home’s style? Do they add in a meaningful way to the home’s aesthetic?

If the current windows aren’t visually appealing, you can have them replaced with high quality vinyl replacement windows. Today’s vinyl replacement windows are available in a variety of colors, styles, and grid patterns – including no grid – so you can truly enhance and upgrade your home’s appearance. Whether you’re trying to evoke a classic, traditional feel, want to capture some coastal South Shore charm, or want to put your own quirky spin on things, there’s a replacement window style that’s right for you.

We mentioned saving money. Most homes lose at least some energy due to leaky windows and doors. Energy experts estimate it can be up to 40%, but you can find out the specific numbers for your home by having an energy audit done. Replacement windows are designed to be energy efficient and stop the heat loss. The result? You save money!