Replacement Windows to Make Working from Home More Comfortable

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“Like everybody, my company switched to working from home when the pandemic started,” George said. “And like lots of people, my company realized there’s no real need to bring everyone back into the office. I’m going to be working from home for the foreseeable future – which is great, considering I’ve got some health concerns of my own. But if I’m going to be doing another winter of remote work, something has to be done about the drafts in this house.”

A drafty home is more than uncomfortable. It’s expensive. Drafts are created when cold air enters the house through cracks, gaps, or other openings in windows and doors. This cold air lowers the temperature in the room, which triggers the thermostatic control that tells the heating system to turn on. The more the heating system runs, the more fuel you use, and the higher your fuel bill gets. This problem gets even worse when you consider that the same cracks that let the cold air in let the warm air out.

“I had never paid any special attention to the windows in our house,” George said. “They’re windows. They open, they shut, they look nice. But then I started to learn what windows should be doing in order to keep the house comfortable.” Windows do more than let the light in. The best replacement windows for the South Shore are highly energy efficient. “Because these windows do such a good job of keeping the heat in, the furnace will run less often, which saves me money,” he explained. “But more importantly, I’m not getting that cold blast of air hitting me when I’m trying to code. It’s much easier to concentrate when I’m not freezing!”

Summertime is the ideal time to have replacement windows installed in the South Shore. The best replacement window installation companies work with you to deliver the most satisfying results while working with your budget. For George, that meant replacing the windows in his office and the bedrooms first. “These are the rooms we’re using the most. Next year, we’ll tackle the other half of the house.”