Replacing Storm Windows in MA Tops Seasonal Home Upgrades List

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Making improvements to your home in preparation for winter’s harsh weather is a Massachusetts tradition. From the very first settlers to today’s Boston area homeowners, everyone who calls this part of the world home knows that when the cold winds start blowing, you better get ready. Replacing storm windows definitely tops a lot of to-do lists: if it’s on yours, here’s what you need to know:

Inspect Your Existing Storm Windows Carefully

Before you get the ladder out, take the time to carefully exist your storm windows. How do they look after a winter in storage? Older storm windows often develop issues in the corners. Make sure yours are still tight and square. If they’re not, or the glass feels loose or wobbly in the frame, it’s time to think about upgrading your storm windows: after all, installing old, leaky, energy-inefficient storm windows kind of defeats the purpose of installing storm windows!

Match New Storm Windows To Your Home

It may be that you need to replace only one or two storm windows. Your Massachusetts replacement window company can help you find storm windows that will look great on your home. If you’ve got a big picture window or any unusually sized windows in your home, you’ll be glad to hear that energy efficient storm windows are available for your home. Many of these special exterior mounted storm windows are designed for permanent installation – that means a one time job with no maintenance headaches. This windows don’t have to be put up every fall and removed in the spring. They stay in place all year round.

New Storm Windows Help You Save Money

Having storm windows in place can help you keep the cost of heating your home under control. Many local homeowners are hoping to spend less money heating their homes this year, compared to last year. Storm windows can help make a difference!