Rockland, MA Homeowners Want Replacement Windows That Open

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“When we bought this place, it never occurred to me that the windows wouldn’t open,” Steven said. “I thought all windows opened. I mean, they’re windows. That’s what windows do.” When warm weather rolled around, Steven attempted to open his bedroom window and let the night time breeze in. “That’s when I discovered that the window wasn’t going to open, no matter what I did.”

Sometimes, especially in relatively new construction homes in Western MA, the original construction windows that developers chose were low-quality units that looked nice but delivered disappointing performance. It is not uncommon for these windows not to open, because they were not installed properly. “I guess it’s better for them to not open than to open and never shut,” he said with a laugh. “But if you stop and think about it, it’s really not funny. What if there was a fire in our home and we needed to get out? Having windows that don’t open is dangerous.”

Steven went to his Rockland MA replacement window company. “I know there are cheap windows available at the home improvement store,” Steven said, “but cheap windows are how we got in this situation to begin with. I’d rather invest in the quality product so I know I can open – and close! – my windows when I want to.”

Steven chose wood-clad vinyl replacement windows for his bedroom. “On the exterior, the window sills are white, so they match what we’ve got in the rest of the house,” he explained. “But since we had the option, I went for the wood inside. It’s a nicer, more high end look, and I feel like it helps pull the room together.” Steven chose a wood finish that complemented the warm honey finish of his bedroom set. “It’s a subtle thing, but it does make the whole room look more finished and intentional. Good looks and great functionality is about all you can ask from replacement windows!”