Reminder: If You Had Replacement Windows Installed Last Year, You May Be Eligible for a Tax Credit

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Attention Rockland homeowners! If you had replacement windows installed in your home prior to December 31st, 2016, you may be eligible for a tax credit. According to Consumer Reports, replacement windows, doors, and skylights that are Energy Star rated qualify, as do new windows, doors and skylights that are Energy Star rated. You won’t recoup your entire investment, but an up to $500 tax credit is nothing to sneeze at either.

Now we need to be very clear here that we’re a replacement window company and not financial advisors. You should talk to a licensed financial professional to obtain accurate information about your individual tax situation. Our comments on the tax credit are only a reminder, so you don’t miss out on any savings you may be entitled to. Be aware that there are other home improvements besides having replacement windows installed that may qualify you for a tax credit.

Replacment windows save Rockland homeowners money in a number of ways beyond tax credits. The biggest savings is home heating and cooling costs. In this part of Western Massachusetts, keeping the family home warm during the winter can be a very big deal. Even if the latest storm didn’t deliver everything forecasters had predicted, it was still cold and windy! When you have leaky windows, those chilly breezes can result in uncomfortable drafts in your home. At the same time, the heat you’ve paid hard-earned dollars for is slipping outdoors, where it doesn’t do anyone any good.

Energy efficiency experts have found that as much as 40% of a home’s heating energy can be lost through leaky windows and doors. Older windows leak because seals fail over time, or the original construction just wasn’t so great, or events such as bird strikes or storm debris impacts have compromised the integrity of the window. Replacement windows are an effective, economically sensible remedy!