Avoid These Regrettable Vinyl Siding Choices

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When choosing vinyl siding for your Rockland home, there are some definite do’s and don’ts you’ll want to know about. The exterior of your home is so important because this is the part that’s seen by everyone else. You want your home to be attractive and reflective of your values as a family. With that in mind, here are the do’s and don’ts of choosing vinyl siding.

Do: Let Your Home’s Architectural Style Be Your Guide

While you have an almost limitless number of options in vinyl siding style and color combinations, there’s only one way your house is built. The architectural style of your home may be Cape Cod, Colonial, Contemporary, the number one choice nationally, Ranch or something else. Your Rockland vinyl siding company can help you choose the type of vinyl siding that works best for your particular home’s architectural style.

Don’t: Be Afraid of Color

Today’s superior vinyl sidings deliver a true, vibrant color that stays strong for decades. Current design trends advocate for the use of deep blues, lush greens, warm nurturing browns, and, increasingly, dramatic, visually arresting black. Contrasting colors used for doors, shutters, and trim creating memorable curb appeal.

Do: Choose the Best Quality Vinyl Siding the Budget Allows

Avoid the pressure to price-shop when choosing vinyl siding. Any professional vinyl siding installer can tell you – these products are not all the same. There is often a significant difference in quality that you can see and feel when comparing different brands of vinyl siding side by side. You want to be able to see and feel the product before you agree to have it installed on your house. The more robust and better made the siding, the better performance you can expect over the long term.

Don’t: Trust Just Anyone With Your Vinyl Siding Installation

The appearance and performance of your new vinyl siding is directly dependent on how well it is installed. If your vinyl installation contractors do a good job, you can expect decades of enjoyment. Vinyl siding requires very minimal maintenance so you can have a good looking home with almost no effort. If the contractors don’t do a good job, your home’s appearance will suffer and you will be unhappy. Take the time to find the best local vinyl siding installation professionals.