Scituate Porches Provide A Calm, Comfortable Refuge From Life’s Stresses

Over 1,000 homes served in over 40 years of business

“I watched the news, and that was the first mistake,” Ken said with a laugh. “The news right now is not going to help keep your blood pressure down. Add that to things at work, the hassles of getting the kids off to college, and everything being so hot and dry in these parts…I’m stressed out.”

Prevention Magazine strongly recommends spending time outdoors to lower stress levels. Most of us spend the vast majority of our lives indoors – according to the EPA, the typical American is inside a building 93% of the time. People often cite busy schedules and heavy workloads for the reason they’re indoors so much. Prevention suggests that you can increase the amount of time you spend outdoors by doing the things you need to do on your porch or patio.

“That sounded reasonable to me,” Ken said, “So I tried it. There was only one problem: I’d have all my papers out on the table, reading things over, when the wind would blow. And the porch windows we had were so leaky that my papers went blowing everywhere. I started using a paperweight, the nine whole yards, and it kept happening. I got really frustrated with the situation when my wife said, “The only way you’re going to enjoy this porch is if you fix these stupid windows!”

Replacing porch windows is a fairly straightforward process when you work with a reputable Scituate window replacement company. “We went with the all-vinyl windows,” Ken said, “Because they’re easy to clean. I never have to paint them. Which sounds great to me.” When the new windows went in, Ken and his wife also upgraded the porch door. “What was really surprising to me was that having the new door installed made our porch much quieter. The construction on the replacement door was so much better that it actually muffled some of the street noise. Which makes it much easier to concentrate and enjoy my porch!”