The Most Beautiful Way to Replace Your Carbon Footprint

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“My daughter is an environmentalist, and that’s really impacted the way our family does things.” Brenda recently purchased a home in the Scituate area, and is in the process of renovating it. “We’re very mindful of how the choices we make impact the planet. That’s why one of the upgrades we absolutely have to make is replacing the windows.”

The original windows in the home had been replaced ‘sometimes in the eighties’, according to Brenda. “The thing is, you can sit in the house and just feel the drafts – especially when the wind comes in off the ocean. Last winter was our first one being here, and I have to tell you, it can get chilly.”

Energy experts estimate that up to forty percent of a home’s heating and cooling energy can be lost through old and leaky windows. Even if you don’t see any cracks, gaps, or flaws in the window seal, they can still be there. Very small gaps are responsible for tremendous amounts of heat loss. Even worse, they can allow for moisture penetration. This means any mold or mildew issues the home may have will be aggravated.

“The environment is important to us, but I also want our home to be beautiful,” Brenda laughed. “Sometimes the sustainable building options aren’t the most attractive, you know. Our Scituate replacement window company was able to show us a stunning range of options, all of which came with highly energy efficient glass.”

The most beautiful way to reduce your carbon footprint is by replacing your home’s ugly, old, energy inefficient windows with new replacement windows. For maximum impact from this renovation, you’ll want to replace all of the windows in your house at one time. That’s what Brenda chose to do. “I’m looking forward to seeing the savings on my heating bill,” she said. “It’s a nice bonus on top of making the right choice to help the planet.”