Shelter From The Storm: Storm Windows & Doors

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When the rain comes splatting down and the cold wind blows, the warm interiors of our Scituate homes can be the best place to be. With a stout roof overhead and strong walls, the elements are kept outdoors where they belong. Windows and doors present a vulnerable point where our comfort can be compromised. Older windows are especially prone to having leaks where cold air and moisture can get in.

Storm windows are installed over your existing windows to keep the weather out. They’re really not noticeable, so the look of your home doesn’t change. What does change is the level of noise you hear from outdoors. The tough glass seals the ambient environmental sounds out at the same time it repels cold breezes and moisture.

Storm doors are often added as an afterthought, after the homeowner has discovered exactly how much chilly air can come in through the front entrance. While replacement doors are available, adding a storm door is often a faster, more affordable way to get the same effect. Today’s high quality storm doors are a far step above the flimsy aluminum storm doors you may remember from your childhood: visit your Scituate replacement door specialist to discover the dazzling array of storm door options. Looks range from sleek and modern to classic and contemporary styles.

Storm doors stay in place year round, as do today’s storm windows. Cleaning is simple and easy; interior-mounted storm windows often snap easily in and out for maintenance, while exterior storm windows can be washed in the usual fashion. If you’re on a budget and are trying to decide which windows in your home need storm windows first, look toward the side of the house that faces the prevailing wind. These are the most likely candidates for storm windows, as are any windows in rooms you know are prone to chilly drafts and breezes.