Scitutate Home: Jump Start Your Renovation with a New Door

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“We bought this place knowing it was going to need a little TLC,” Don said of the family’s Scituate home. “It’s basically sound, in really good shape structurally. It just looks tired and worn down.” Freshening up the facade slipped off of Don’s list of priorities for a while.

“I was working a lot,” Don said. “There was a lot of travel – trips that had to happen back to back to back.” It was during one of these absences that his wife Emily decided to take the situation into her own hands. “I came home and we had a brand new front door!”

By choosing the Therma-Tru Entry Door System, Emily was able to have her Scituate building contractor take out the old front door and side-lights – all installed during a 1970’s remodel and looking pretty rough – and install a gorgeous, secure, energy efficient new entryway. “Now the door opens and closes easily, no matter what the weather is,” Emily said. “Before, I’d have to tug it open every time it rained – what a pain! And the windows are beautiful – it really dressed up the front of the house.”

Seeing the new entranceway in place fired up Don’s enthusiasm for the home renovations. “I figured I’d better get involved if I wanted to have any say over the final result!” he laughed. Don and Emily chose Woodgrain horizontal siding to replace the home’s faded exterior.

“That definitely dressed the place up,” Emily said. “So if you’re looking for a way to get your home renovation jump started, I strongly recommend having a new door installed – it works wonders!”