Sitting On The Porch Proven To Be Stress Reliever

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“I don’t know about you, but this election season can’t be over soon enough for me,” Daphne said. “Every time you turn on the news, it’s something I could live without hearing. It just stresses me out.” The Pembroke woman has taken to sitting on her porch to unwind. “I can’t see or hear the television when I’m out here, and that’s perfectly fine with me!”

Porches are, by definition, restful spaces. Creating a media-free sanctuary within the home is a good strategy for keeping stress levels down. You may even want to unplug completely and leave your smartphone with all of those ‘helpful’ social media notifications inside.

What can you do instead? Reading a book is a great way to relax – particularly if you skip political thrillers! Other people prefer to do crafts, such as crochet or knitting. Having conversations with family and friends an be a good way to unwind. If you’re artistically inclined, get out your sketch pad and draw what you can see through your porch windows.

Ideally, you want your porch to be comfortable. This means sturdy, secure seating – it’s not really fun to balance yourself precariously in a piece of lawn furniture that has seen better days! If you have a three-season porch, you may want to consider using a space heater to warm up your porch on these chilly October days. Pay attention to any chilly drafts or breezes you feel sneaking in: these can often be a sign it’s time for porch window replacement. Have a collection of colorful quilts and cozy throws? Bring a couple out on the porch so you can snuggle in comfort.

One real game changer when it comes to enjoying a Pembroke porch is lighting. Have lights in place that are bright enough to allow you to read or pursue leisure activities easily. Holiday lights also look lovely in porch windows, and many families are displaying a green light to show their support for our country’s veterans.