Slash The Stress of Home Renovations

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“What started out as a simple plan to renovate the kitchen really got out of control,” Michael said. “My wife and I were just going to have some new cabinets put in, redo the counter top, and have replacement windows put in – easy, right? But it got to a point where we were fighting every day about how the job was going, when it was ever going to get done, and how much everything would cost.” The kitchen renovation finally came together, but neither Michael or his wife were thrilled about how stressful the process had been. “There’s got to be a better way to handle this process.”

Home renovation experts agree that stress free home upgrades are possible. The key is finding the right construction professionals to work with, clear ongoing communication, and having realistic expectations about the budget and timeline. Our particular area of expertise is installing replacement windows and doors, so we’ll say a little bit more about that, to help you have a stress free experience.

A quality window replacement job takes some time. Any contractor that tells you it’s a nearly instant fix is not being honest. You need to know that every Weymouth window replacement job we do involves time to take measurements, time to remove the old windows, and sometimes, time to address problems that are revealed when the old windows are removed. Understanding this up front, we have found, takes the stress level down a lot.

Choose a replacement window company that you trust to communicate honestly to you about whatever issues arise: if a sill is rotted, or otherwise needs replacing, they should be willing to show you proof of the problem. When you trust the company you’re working with it’s a lot easier not to get so stressed out.