Some Straight Talk About Storm Windows

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As October draws to an end, it’s impossible to deny what we already know – winter’s already trying to set up shop here in the South Shore area. Temperatures are dropping, and it’s going to get even colder in the days to come. What are you going to do to keep your family warm and comfortable?

One option is having replacement windows installed in your South Shore home. Energy experts agree that up to 40% of a home’s heat can be lost through leaky windows. Swapping out leaky windows for newer, more energy efficient versions makes sense – but it does mean making a significant financial investment. That investment is paid by fairly quickly by savings on your home heating bill.

But let’s say you want to improve your home’s energy efficiency right now and you don’t have the money for replacement windows? Another option is to have storm windows installed. Storm windows are another window that’s installed over your existing windows. Storm windows can be installed on the exterior of the home or on the interior. Their purpose is to provide another layer of protection to your home. Storm windows do a good job of keeping cold air and moisture outside, and warm air in. They’re generally an unobtrusive design – your neighbors may not even notice you had storm windows installed unless you point it out to them. Best of all, storm windows cost a fraction of what you’d expect to pay for replacement windows.

Storm windows offer better protection than other temporary window fixes, such as plastic weatherization kits. They also look much nicer, which is an important consideration if you live in one of the South Shore’s more appearance conscious neighborhoods. Having storm windows installed is a quick and easy process. If you call now, you can have new storm windows in place before winter’s worst weather arrives. Call us for full details!