South Shore Home: Grid Options For Casement Windows

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Grids are used to replicate the look of true divided light windows, which are hard to secure and are often prohibitively expensive. There are three types of grids for casement windows: grids that are installed between the panes of glass, grids that are installed on the exterior of the glass, and grids that are installed on the interior of the glass.

Between the glass grids are your most high-end option. Easy to clean and very elegant, between the glass grids are available in a number of configurations popular here in the South Shore. Colonial, Diamond and Prairie style are the most common choices, while creative types can’t resist the opportunity to create their own custom window grid pattern.

Exterior grids are made of durable vinyl, mounted permanently in place over the glass. These grids are applied in the factory, and are more than robust enough to stand up to the South Shore’s dramatic weather. They don’t need painting, ever: simply spraying them off with the hose is all the maintenance you ever need. They’re often combined with between the glass grids to give a more luxurious look, and are available in Colonial, Diamond and Prairie patterns.

When it comes to interior grids for casement windows, you have two options. Grids can be removable, facilitating easy cleaning of your windows, or they can be applied in the factory, generally in combination with between the glass grids. Generally interior grids are wood finish to match interior windowsills. Choosing removable versus permanent is a question of budget and personal preference. If you are very particular about your window cleaning routine, it’s a good idea to have your South Shore replacement window company demonstrate the removable interior grids for you before you decide: you may discover that they’re exactly what you’re looking for or that you’d be happier with the permanent window grids.