South Shore Home: The Windows in Our Addition Look Better Than The Windows in Our House – Help!

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“When the twins were born, we had an addition put on,” Davis said. “At the time, that kind of maxxed us out financially. But the boys are almost five now, and it’s time to face up to the fact that there’s a distinct visual difference between the addition and the main house. The windows are a huge issue: while the new construction windows are relatively attractive, the older windows in the home look really dated. What’s the most budget-friendly way to make everything match up?”

Davis’ issue is not unique. Here at North Star Windows and Doors, we run into quite a few South Shore families who need new windows because of a home addition. Vinyl replacement windows are often the most affordable; wood clad vinyl replacement windows are slightly more expensive, but create a specific interior look – if that aesthetic is important to you, you’ll want to plan your budget accordingly.

Because Davis was working with a limited budget – five year old twins are expensive! – he decided to have replacement windows installed on the front side of his Braintree home first. “After that, we had replacement windows put in on the east-facing wall, which is the second most visible from the road. Our plan this year is to finish the west-facing wall; next year, we’ll tackle the back of the house.”

We understand that every family has a budget, and we’ll work with you. If that means replacing a single window, we’re happy to do it – even a small improvement in the building envelope can result in a more comfortable setting for your family. Some families choose to work the way Davis did, replacing all the windows on one side of a home at once, while others work room by room. Our goal is to help you create the comfortable, attractive home of your dreams.