South Shore Home: Vinyl Shutters Add Visual Interest

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“I’m really interested in having my  home look its best,” Anna said, “but realistically, I also have a budget. When you’re going for that high end look, it means knowing how to invest your dollars wisely. When people look at your home, what are they seeing? A lot of that attention gets focused in two areas: the entrance way and the windows. Shutters make a window look better – think of them as the frame around artwork.”

Home designers love vinyl shutters for South Shore homes for three reasons.

One: the variety of colors and styles available means its easy to create a classy, personal look. There are traditional styles ideal for formal homes,contemporary styles that offer a casual, welcoming look and more.

Two: No maintenance. No one ever wants to talk about this, but wood shutters are a lot of work. The weather beats them up, the paint gets loose, and you wind up having to stand on a ladder for hours, scraping and repainting. Choosing vinyl shutters means that once a year or so, you spray the shutters with a hose to wash off any loose debris or dust. That’s it – it takes minutes. Vinyl shutter color stays strong and true for decades: you don’t have to worry about it fading.

Three: Affordability. Shutters are one of the  most cost-effective ways to spruce up your home’s appearance. “It’s just not in our right now budget to replace the siding,” Anna said. “We’ll come back to that later. Right now the shutters do work with our budget, they freshen up the look of the entire house, and it makes people see your home in an entirely different way.  I feel like they’re really a nice finishing touch that really pulls everything together – we matched the shutters to the entranceway and it looks really sharp.”