South Shore Homeowners Security Concerns Prompt Search for Safe Installers

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“I thought I was going to save money going with the replacement window company I found on Craigslist,” Doreen said. “Instead, it wound up costing me everything.” Doreen had the team that purported to be window replacement specialists visit her South Shore home. “They asked all the right questions and took a bunch of measurements,” Doreen explained. “I really felt like I was in good hands.”

The good feeling Doreen had evaporated when she got home from work the next day. “These guys cleaned me out!” she said. “I mean, they took everything. The food out of my refrigerator – gone. It was nuts.” Despite calling the police right away Doreen has not been able to recover any of her possessions. “The phone number I had for them is no longer in service. The police told me this kind of scam isn’t all that uncommon. People have to be careful.”

To choose a reliable, safe replacement window and door installation company in the South Shore, you’ll want to do your research. “If a price sounds too good to be true, that’s a red flag,” Doreen explained. “These Craigslist guys got my attention because they were hundreds of dollars cheaper than anyone else,” she said. “They said it was because they didn’t have to pay for any advertising. In truth, it’s because they never had any intention of doing the job.” Doreen was grateful that she hadn’t given the con men a deposit. “They’d asked for one, repeatedly,” she said, “But I had to wait to write them a check – and thank goodness I did, or that money would have been gone too.”

Double check any company you’re considering working with with the Better Business Bureau. “It only takes a few minutes to call and then you know you’re dealing with an actual business,” Doreen said. “I really wish I had done that. Don’t make the mistakes I made!”