Vinyl Siding Color Trends: What’s Hot in the South Shore?

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When choosing the exterior cladding for your home, it’s fairly easy to find reasons to choose high-quality vinyl siding. It’s affordable, durable, and needs little in the way of maintenance. Vinyl siding is the most popular exterior option for the upscale South Shore home, and indeed, throughout much of the nation. But what color siding should you choose?

As South Shore siding contractors, we’re the first ones to say choose the color that makes you happy. You’re the one who’s living in the house. You should enjoy looking at it! That being said, here’s some trend information from the world of real estate and lifestyle experts for vinyl siding color trends for 2022 and beyond:

White & Beige: The Old Reliables are Old News

While white and beige have long been the top sellers in the world of vinyl siding, fewer and fewer homeowners opt for these shades when renovating a property. The new trend is for statement making color. Bold shades of blue and green are enjoying the fastest rise in popularity, while sales of white and beige vinyl siding have begun to drop.

Black: Anything But Basic

It may sound a little out there, but black vinyl siding is one of the hottest emerging trends we’ve seen in a while. This isn’t a goth thing, either. It turns out black siding can deliver a really sleek contemporary look or add a fresh snap to a traditional home. Not sure you’re ready for an all-black home? Darker shades of gray, including charcoal and slate, are finding their fans.

What to do with windowsills and trim on a home with black siding? To be on trend, consider lighter pastel shades, including pinks, soft blues, and greens. The more popular option locally is either a pristine white, or for the gray and charcoal homes, black.