South Shore Home: Fall’s Approach Prompts Storm Window Installation

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“It’s hot today, but it’s not going to be hot a month from now,” Nancy said. “The weather out here on the South Shore can turn on a dime. And after spending one winter shivering every time the wind blew, I’m not going to do it again!” Nancy’s South Shore home has attractive older windows: they look really nice but do a poor job of protecting her family from the weather. “I don’t want to replace them because getting windows that have the same look would cost a fortune,” she explained. “So we’re going to have storm windows put in.”

Storm windows are installed over a home’s existing windows to provide an extra layer of protection for the home. Cold air and drafts are kept out; the warm air the home’s heating system creates is retained indoors. Not only does this make life more comfortable – particularly for older family members, small children, and pets who often have a hard time maintaining their core body temperature – but you will save money on your home heating bill.

“I love the view we have here, and the fact the storm windows don’t impact that in any way is important to me,” Nancy said. “There are storm windows that can be taken on and off, but we’re going with the ones that stay in place permanently. That means less maintenance, which is always a plus!” Storm windows are available in a variety of sizes, including large storm windows for picture windows. “Having storm windows installed is definitely a more affordable option than upgrading the big windows,” Nancy explained. “I don’t mind spending money on our home, but I prefer to spend it on other things, so this made me happy.”
Storm windows can last for decades, making them a wise investment for the South Shore homeowner. “Winter happens every year,” Nancy said. “With our storm windows, we’ll be ready!”