3 Reasons to Love Storm Windows

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“When I first moved to the South Shore, I’d never even heard of storm windows. I am from Trinidad. We don’t even have snow!” Jean explained with a laugh. “So as someone new to living in Massachusetts, the winter was a shock. Our home was cold and drafty. Zero stars, do not recommend.”

A big part of the reason Jean’s home was so cold: older windows. When there are cracks or gaps in the window sill – even miniscule ones you can hardly see – it lets cold air and moisture in. Many older windows are not as energy efficient as modern replacement windows.

“Should I have replacement windows put in my house? The answer is obviously yes, but I do not have the money to do that right now,” Jean said. “This brings me to the first of three reasons I love storm windows – and why you’ll love them too.

#1 Reason to Love Storm Windows: They’re Affordable

When you need to do something about the cold and drafty windows in your home, storm windows are the most budget-friendly option. This is because a storm window gives you a enhanced level of protection – an additional layer of glass that’s installed outside over your existing windows – at a reasonable price. Replacement windows do offer superior protection from the elements, but they’re a larger financial investment.

Storm windows are also a more financially sensible choice than many DIY solutions you’ll find in home improvement stores, such as shrink plastic products. Even if these products worked well and were attractive – which not everyone thinks is true – the fact is they only last for a single winter. You have to buy new kits every year, which adds up over time. Once you’ve had quality storm windows installed, you’ll be set for a decade or longer.

#2 Reason to Love Storm Windows: Your House Will Be Warmer & Quieter

Think of storm windows as an extra layer of defense for your home. Storm windows are simple clear windows that are installed in place over your existing windows on the exterior of the home. They help reduce the amount of wind, cold, and moisture that makes it into your home.

On the South Shore storm windows are used to mitigate the impact of chilly stormy autumns and snowy cold winters. The primary benefit of having storm windows installed is that your home will be warmer. As an added benefit, the storm windows that keep out the cold also do a pretty good job keeping out neighborhood noises.

#3 Reason to Love Storm Windows: Installation is Fast & Simple

The minute you have storm windows installed is the minute you start enjoying a warmer house. It’s also the first minute you start saving money on your energy bill. Having storm windows installed is simple and easy. You don’t have to put storm windows on your house by yourself. If standing on a ladder high in the air while working with large, breakable glass windows during your precious free time sounds like a good idea, by all means, enjoy yourself. But for everyone else, the fastest, easiest way to have storm windows installed is to call in the local window experts.